Sober Christmas with a Festive Mocktail

A copper mug with ice, ginger, mint and lime. Try this mocktail to help you celebrate a sober Christmas

The holiday season is the time when sobriety is tested. Alcohol is served freely, and even the dessert have booze! Try this new concoction for a Sober Christmas!

  • 1 can non-alcoholic ginger beer
  • 1 can pineapple flavoured sparkling water
  • Garnish of choice

The reason I’m in love with this drink, is it’s versatility. Depending on your taste, you can mimic different drinks. If you can’t find pineapple, try cranberry or use a splash of any juice to add some flavour.

Filling a pint glass with both cans reminds me of having a cider. If you drank cocktails, you can also try serving it over ice in a tumbler. Add a cherry or orange slice for some extra fun. Use lime-juice and put it in a copper mug and it becomes a virgin Moscow Mule.

Another thing I like about this drink, is that it’s exciting! The ginger really comes through and combines with the pineapple bubbles to give your taste buds a kick. If the drink is a bit spicy, hold back on some ginger beer or garnish with some grenadine to take the edge off.

Remember: we don’t have to go out and have fun just because “tis the season”. You should listen to your body, mind and soul before you descend in to a drunken Christmas party. You’ll know if you’re ready, or if you might be better off heading to a meeting.

Want to make a change and quit booze? Try our blog post New Year, New You or follow us on Twitter. Hope you have a Sober Christmas and a Dry New Year.

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