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One of the best new ways to get information is through a podcasts. For years people have used audiobooks to help them quit drinking, but now stop drinking podcasts take this idea to the next level. We are sharing some episodes of the Alcoholic Ominous Podcast in hopes you will enjoy and learn from this series.

The host has documented their sobriety over the course of many episodes. We hope listening to their thoughts and feelings will help you related to others that you wouldn’t normally get to hear from. If you enjoy this program, leave a review, comment or like.

The Alcoholic Ominous Podcast. In this first episode, Simon reflects on his first week of new found sobriety after ‘the year from hell’.
Simon’s second week of sobriety brings back horrible memories of disposing of bottles and workplace disagreements.
Simon looks at the ‘mask’ of the alcoholic (who still suffers) and lashes out at TV magazine show “Alcohol Experts” who are killing alcoholics with bad advice.

I have been an avid podcast listener for many years, and enjoy a wide range of topics, including listening to sober podcasters like Marc Maron. I even got the idea that I might need to quit drinking from an interview he did on the WTF podcast.

For more episodes, visit Alcoholic Ominous on SoundCloud

Do you want to quit alcohol for good? Start here with the post So you’ve decided to quit drinking. Or try Sober October if you’re doing a smaller challenge.

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Reminder: Listening to a Stop Drinking podcast is not a substitute for professional mental or physical healthcare. If you think you have symptoms of alcoholism that are an immediate threat to your mental or physical health, please contact a doctor immediately.

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