Sober October Day 30 – Keep the Streak, or celebrate?

Why not both?

At the end of my last Sober October I decided to stay sober. I knew it going in, and I had mentally prepared for that. At the end of my previous attempts, I always celebrated with a few drinks (or more).

I hope that this month has changed your mindset, if only slightly. If you’ve learned nothing else, it’s that you now know it’s possible to live your life without a drink in your hand. It might not have been easy, but it was accomplished.

Even if you slipped up, you can look at the number of drinks you didn’t have and feel proud that you have some control. Use that control, however small and tenuous to guide you in whatever comes next for you.

If you choose to celebrate with a drink, use caution and be responsible. It’s hard to tell how your body and mind will react after a period of abstinence. Take it slow and use your new found control to guide your choices.

If you choose to continue to abstain, use caution and be responsible. Your continued sobriety hinges on taking care of yourself and working through your issues. Again, go slow and don’t push yourself too hard. Sobriety is a big deal, pushing yourself to perfection may just push you back to drinking.

Either choice you make. Make it a celebration. It doesn’t need to be a hedonistic blowout or boring night-in. Allow yourself to feel some pride in your accomplishment and practice self-care.

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