#SoberOctober Day 28 – Apps to Help You Stop Drinking for Good

In our ever connected culture we have more options than ever to help ourselves. Podcasts, online courses, blogs, eBooks, and of course apps. Apps have gone from niche distraction to everyday essentials in a very short period of time. We’re very close to the end of Sober October for this year. Are you thinking about how to stay sober through the rest of the year? If you are, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead.

Disclaimer: We should remember that an app is just a tool, not a miracle cure for addiction. Even the best tool needs some elbow grease to make it work. Best laid plans are rendered useless by inaction. This is not medical advice, I’m sharing these because I think they are interesting, or I’ve used them myself and think they are worth trying out. If at any point you feel like your mental or physical health is at risk, please seek out professional advice as soon as possible.

Fitness Trackers – in my early sobriety I used parallel goals to help me stop drinking. I challenged myself to fitness goals and tracked them using a Fitbit. At the time, my reasoning was that I couldn’t hit all my stats if I was sitting on my couch drinking beer. The added benefit was that the less I drank, the easier it was to exercise. Others have noted that their Fitness tracker showed their resting heart rate had gone down significantly since quitting. Apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava and MyFitnessPal just to name a few of the numerous choices.

Headspace – This is meditation app is one I’ve used most recently and I’m convinced it will help everyone. Even if you’re not trying to quit drinking, meditation is a popular way to deal with stress. For myself, stress was a trigger for alcohol and meditating made things a lot easier. Headspace features guided meditation, group events and other options to help you deal with everything from insomnia to anger management. Headspace has a free and paid option, so you have almost nothing to lose!

Daybreak – available as a smartphone or desktop experience, Daybreak aims to change your relationship with alcohol using an online community. A little bit like a social network for people who are quitting, users start by answering a few question about their mental and physical state, as well as their relationship with alcohol. After getting assessed, users can share their feelings via status posts, or try out some “Experiments”. These Experiments are designed by the Daybreak staff to give you more tools to quit drinking. This app is free to download and is upwards of $9.99 AUD per month after a 3-week free trial.

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