Sober October Day 27 – Hypnotize yourself sober

Have you ever seen an ad that promises a cure for addiction that sounded too good to be true?Laser Therapy? Crystals, Spirit Healing or perhaps hypnotism? 

I’m not here to debate the reality of hypnotism. I’ve never had a man in a velvet tuxedo make me think I was a chicken. I don’t care to research or debate this topic, but it does remind me of an interesting way to discourage yourself from drinking. Picture the big guy that the hypnotist puts under… and when he awakes, he’s afraid of something innocuous. 

I won’t suggest that you seek out a stage show, but you can think of it this way; every time you think of a drink, think of the worst possible hangover, throwing up and bad time alcohol has ever caused. If you do this enough, your mind and body will associate those bad feelings with alcohol. Instead of thinking about a glass of wine and remembering happy hour with your friends, you’ll think of the headache and want to steer clear. This isn’t exactly hypnotism, but its a technique associated with treating negative behaviors. 

At the very least, you can use this technique to balance out the part of your brain that wants to have “one more” do you remember that “one more” means a bigger headache tomorrow before you take that first sip. 

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