#SoberOctober Day 25 – Quit Drinking for Life


In the post about Sober October Day 1, I said you don’t have to quit drinking forever… just get through a single day without drinking. Getting through Day 1 is one of the hardest days, taking the plunge is one of the hardest parts. However, when I say  “Stop Drinking for Life” I don’t mean that you need to commit to stop drinking for the rest of your life… I mean quit drinking so you can ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

Assuming you’ve already dumped all the beer, wine and spirits in your home, I suggest going for a walk, going to a movie, hitting the gym, and literally anything else that breaks the old habits that led to drinking in the first place. Think of sobriety as life, and drinking as death. Think of all the quality experiences you had to miss because you were wasted, or worse yet… the experiences you ruined, or don’t remember because you were wasted.

Prove to the monkey on your back that your life is more than drinking. Find the things that make you smile, and go do those things. Get out and do everything that you couldn’t do because you were too busy for before. Taking this time to be alcohol free, you’ve given yourself permission to try something new and live a new life. Go live it and see what you’ve been missing.

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