#SoberOctober Day 21 – Stop Drinking for Fun and Profit

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If you are like me, as you age the fun of binge-drinking starts to lose it’s appeal. You think about the hours, dollars and brain-cells you’ve spent doing shots and staying out late and a part of your brain screams “WHY?!”. This is a normal human reaction, you are after all engaging in an activity that’s hurting you body. Little by little your fight-or-flight instincts might be kicking in, telling you something’s got to change.

So what has changed so far? How is your life different now that you’re taken some time off from drinking? Have you taken full advantage of your weekend mornings without a hangover? Have you put the money you’ve saved in the bank? Have you taken some time for yourself? Why not?

I’m not suggesting you revert to hedonism, but I do think you need to practice some self care. Not the self-indulgent type? Invest the money you’ve saved in a new business or on the stock market! You were going to blow it on booze anyway, why not have some fun with your money? Being sober isn’t about becoming a monk that spends the days praying and scrubbing floors.

Here’s a list of things you can do with your newly found free time and/or free money:

ActivityCost in drinks*
Trip to a local amusement park 5-10 drinks per person
Hike at a local nature spot1-3 drinks for gas
Movie night2 drinks/tickets, 2 drinks for popcorn
Round-trip flight to Australia333 drinks per person
Shopify Basic Plan7 drinks/month*
Shopify stock (SHOP)85 drinks/share*
10 oz bar of Silver bullion41 drinks*
Ethereum Cryptocurrency38 drinks/ETH**

(* All estimates as of October 2019 based on a ~$6/drink. This should not be construed as investment advice.)

So this isn’t exactly the Wall Street Journal, but I think you can get the idea. Investing some time and money in yourself pays dividends down the road. If you’re not in to capitalism, then I suggest giving the money you saved to charity. Do whatever you want, it’s your money and you earned it.

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