#SoberOctober Day 16 – Self Reflection

It’s easy to get lost on this journey towards sobriety. Even if you’ve decided to only quit drinking for the month, Sober October can leave a person lost and lonely. Quitting one of our culture’s most social activities can leave you isolated physically and mentally. If you’re not drinking, what are you supposed to do with your hands? If you’re not drunk, what are you supposed to do with all these thoughts in your head?

We’ve talked in previous blog posts about prayer and meditation as a coping mechanism. Since prayer and meditation are different for everyone, it also might be helpful to do some more casual self reflection. Journalling, or keeping some type of diary are both excellent ways to get the contents of your head out in to the world so you can reflect on them. It can be as simple as going to a coffee shop by yourself and thinking about your life.

You can ask yourself questions like “Why do I drink so much?” “Why did I think I needed to quit?” “What are the triggers in my life that make me binge?”

In Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the steps is a “Fearless Moral Inventory” which asks the member to write down everything awful they’ve done under the influence. This doesn’t need to be an exercise in shame, but if you choose to embark on this project I believe you won’t want to drink to excess once you write out and reread all the downsides to drinking.

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