#SoberOctober Day 10 – What to do?


What should you do with your time now that you’re not drinking? Going to the bar to hang-out is stressful and can be fairly boring. Sitting at home alone is even worse. What you must find is an activity, that distracts you from alcohol while giving you a purpose.

Here’s a list of fun things to try when you’re trying to shake the feeling that you might drink out of sheer boredom.

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Make an online dating profile (look for other sober singles)
  • Volunteer with a local non-profit
  • Learn chess
  • Take up painting
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Meditate (go to a class or use an app)
  • Write/Journal
  • Ride, run or go play a sport (skip the after game beers)
  • Go to the library
  • Hit the steam room at your local gym
  • Listen to some poetry at a coffee shop

Sure, this advice is pretty generic and probably sounds boring if you’re used to partying all night. It’s generic because I want everyone to see this list and understand the sheer number of things people do when they aren’t drinking. The world is full of amazing places that don’t serve alcohol, and making these places a part of your life can make it better.

Know that life can seem boring at times, and that’s OK. Being bored gives you a chance to sit, think and feel. Give yourself the permission to do something ordinary like reading a book at the library. The more joy you can derive from simple pleasures, the less you will need to rely on alcohol to give you that same feeling of joy.

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