#SoberOctober Day 5 – The Weekend

Going Sober in October is especially tough because of how many weekends the month seems to have. You may be lucky if it only has four weekends, but previous years have had five! Since the weekend is generally thought of as the time to get wasted, it makes for emotional challenges.

Halloween is a party day on its own. October 31st land on a Wednesday? People celebrate Halloween on the weekend before AND after. Big parties, scandalous costumes, and a general sense of hedonistic opportunity make Halloween up there with St Patrick’s day and New Year’s Eve as bonafide drinking holidays.

Depending on the year, this could be your first Friday sober, or it could be your first Monday. Either way, if you’re feeling off, take some time to treat yourself. Get takeout, watch some trash tv, eat a whole bag of candy. As you get more practice saying “No” to drinks and partying, you’ll feel more capable to have a mocktail at the pub, but for now go easy on yourself.

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