Are you afraid of 9am?

Does the mere idea of tomorrow morning frighten you? Are you postponing sleep to delay the inevitable? Thinking up ways to get out of tomorrow’s responsibility? Setting your alarm way too early, thinking you’ll need a few punches of the snooze button to even drag yourself out of bed? In addition to the notorious hangover, Alcohol intoxication can cause issues getting a good night’s sleep. Even getting the recommended eight hours hardly feels like enough after a few drinks. Quality is more important that quantity, so drunk sleep might even make you more tired.

Hangovers aren’t exclusive to alcohol. Quit drinking and you may experience food, candy, cigarette and/or coffee hangovers. These won’t be pretty at 7am, but you will be better off than the person going shot-to-skittle with you last night.

When I quit drinking I’d sometimes stay up late because I was bored. It was sad and lonely to be sober and home alone on a Saturday evening.

Solution? Go to bed early! It’s such a simple solution I feel silly for not thinking of it earlier. Going to bed earlier gives your body time to recover from the day, and it’s less time you’re awake and craving alcohol. Wake up a bit earlier tomorrow and use that time to journal, meditate, work the program, make your lunch.

It’s your time, and it’s not being controlled by booze anymore!!

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