So You’ve Decided to Quit Drinking | Stop Drinking Solutions

So you want to stop drinking alcohol.

Every January 1st, people wake up at noon to enjoy the New Year’s very first hangover and swear they will give-up drinking as a New Year’s Resolution. They might make it until the weekend, they might even make it until February, but a lot of us have tried to quit and failed. 

Drinking is a mysterious beast, and even the most balanced of us sometimes drink too much, do stupid things and then regret drinking. You’d think something as simple as weekly guilt trips and gaping holes in your bank account would make trying to stop drinking a lot easier. The fact of the matter is, drinking is a cultural phenomenon that makes it very difficult to avoid. 

There’s even wine at church, so how can normal people whom want to quit drinking (for any reason, for any length of time) conceivably quit when there is so much stacked against them?

To be perfectly honest I’m not really sure, but I’ve asked myself these questions and more. I’ve tried to quit drinking in the past and it’s always been a really rough go. I thought I could start this blog to help others and give myself another outlet for my thoughts. I’m not a doctor or a therapist, I’m just someone who had problems with drinking alcohol in the past and decided to stop drinking.

I’m not a superhero or a saint, or even a very good, smart or effective person in general. I’ve just done some things, and made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t drink alcohol. So far I’ve kept my promise, but it wasn’t always so easy.

I’d like to share my real world experiences as well as tips and tricks I find around the Internet. (Speaking of, I’ve heard some great things about Allen Carrs Easy Way to Control Alcohol for people looking to cut back or quit, and Ive received tons of support from the Reddit Stop Drinking subreddit.)

Note: As stated previously, I am in NO WAY a health or addictions professional. My advice is for research and entertainment purposes only. If you think you have a serious problem with alcohol or substance abuse, please consult a DOCTOR. Quitting cold turkey can have serious health repercussions and I waive myself from any harm done to any readers who follow my advice without using common sense or consulting an expert first!