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In some of the previous posts, Ive talked about  how while the benefits youll notice when you stop drinking are great, the process of quitting is actually a pain in the ass. Emotionally and physically, abstaining from alcoholic beverages can be a drag. 

When youre at a party with whats clearly a glass of water in your hand. When youre sick to death with the taste of ginger ale. When you long for the art and ritual of mixing a fine cocktail. All very good reasons to experiment with non-alcoholic drinks.

While its important to stay hydrated, compulsively downing glass after glass of water is a bit of a drag when youre trying to keep booze off your mind. Early in sobriety, your body and mind may try and play tricks on you. While out at a bar, restaurant or party your drink hand will tremble when its not holding something, so its best to fill it!

Here are a few party friendly drink ideas for those who are off booze: 

Lingon & Soda:

  • 1 part Lingonberry Concentrate (Saft Lingon from Ikea)
  • 4 parts soda water
  • Serve with ice & a slice of lemon/lime
  • Adjust the proportions to your tastes (The Ikea website suggests 6:1 but I like it a bit stronger)

This is a favourite of mine, and something I drink regularly. I was much more of a beer drinker in my time, but I found the ritual of grabbing some ice cubes, pouring an ounce or two of the concentrate and topping it off with soda is very helpful for feeling normal again.

The Shirley Temple:

  • 1 part orange juice
  • 3 parts ginger ale
  • add grenadine to taste
  • Serve over ice and garnish with orange slice & cocktail cherry

This is a very sweet drink you might have had as a kid when your parents took you to your first restaurant that didn’t provide crayons. Its a bit childish and feminine, but its honestly delicious. I drank these extensively over the holiday season, and it felt like I was treating myself to something fancy. For another grenadine flavoured drink, try the Roy Rogers which is grenadine and cola.

Those are my top two favourites at the moment, however if you’ve never tried the classic Soda Water & Lime you should start there. Its a great drink to order at a restaurant or bar, because its normally cheap/free and it has very little sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. I don’t buy the talk about carbonated water leeching calcium from your bones, but to be on the safe side; drink generous amounts of still water as a general rule.

Here’s a list that Buzzfeed put together of 38 Things to Drink Instead of Booze. Some of these recipes are pretty darn complex, so readers with a flair for mixing should have some fun when the Shirley Temple loses its novelty.  Good luck and enjoy the soft drinks!

Thanks for reading this post. Check out the first post, and the About Page for more info on what this is all about. My advice and anecdotes are to be taken as entertainment and for inspirational purposes (definition: I am NOT a doctor or addictions professional). If you think you have a serious drinking problem please visit a doctor. If you’re worried about telling a family doctor, you can always try a walk-in clinic or try this resource for help with substance abuse in Canada.

You should also check out the great Stop Drinking Subreddit (I’m not affiliated with it, I just find it to be a great resource).

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