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So I took a week off the blog, but I swear I didn’t fall off the wagon!

I just got a little busy, and it definitely didn’t help that I injured myself in a fairly embarrassing way. Not painful enough to do any lasting damage, but lingering for much too long. I didn’t stretch enough at the gym and I paid for it.

I’m now taking it easy on a Friday night, hunkering down with some tea and my laptop. Pounding out a blog post before going brain dead in front of Netflix for the evening. If it weren’t so cold, I would’ve considered heading out and getting some fresh air but that fresh air is -20 degrees too cold. 

In the early days, Friday night was tricky. At first it was easy to hit the town and not drink. I had done that before when I was broke or playing designated driver (rarely). After a few sequential weekends without alcohol you may begin to feel that hanging out in a bar while not drinking is growing old. I remember feeling a longing for the social element of alcohol.

You may be single, and you would like to interact with the opposite sex. You might think that you cant approach someone without a few drinks, and for those of you who can you might find a conversation with someone who’s drunk less than stimulating. The bars purpose is largely diminished for those not drinking.

I love a good pub steak sandwich, but when the music gets suddenly turned to 11 and everyone starts yelling and spilling drinks; I’m out. Even the best band or DJ has trouble getting me out to the bar these days. I can resist the alcohol but the people can drive me crazy. Things I didn’t notice while drunk became painful pet peeves while sober.

Sometimes you have to get yourself some snacks, some soda and a movie and shut out the world, the cravings, the culture of alcohol. Its going to drive you crazy, and you might develop FOMO, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Save those nights out for your best buds birthday and going away parties.

For some on the road to recovery you will fill your time working on your steps. No matter how you try it, reflecting on your problem will be difficult early on. In those days it was hard to even realize I had a problem.  I was hermiting myself in my apartment, hiding from alcohol and scarfing down on pepperoni pizza.

So the pizza wasnt exactly great for my body, but quite a bit better than booze. This was around the same time I started working out and watching my diet, so the pizza was a weekend binge that I could justify. Watching movies and marathoning episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation was the closest thing to action I got.

In the coming weeks Ill be writing these posts with a little more structure. I’m hoping to work these into a plan that someone can follow, step by step to help them quit drinking. There will still be posts about personal stories and hopefully a reader will message me again, but the posts might be a bit different.

Have a good weekend. Remember, take everything one day at a time. The life of a hermit is not exciting, but the time you’re spending away from the bar is time you can spend constructively once your head clears. The further you get away from the bottle, the less you will need it.

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