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One of the best new ways to get information is through a podcasts. For years people have used audiobooks to help them quit drinking, but now stop drinking podcasts take this idea to the next level. We are sharing some episodes of the Alcoholic Ominous Podcast in hopes you will enjoy and learn from this series.

The host has documented their sobriety over the course of many episodes. We hope listening to their thoughts and feelings will help you related to others that you wouldn’t normally get to hear from. If you enjoy this program, leave a review, comment or like.

The Alcoholic Ominous Podcast. In this first episode, Simon reflects on his first week of new found sobriety after ‘the year from hell’.
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Giving Up Alcohol By Making A Plan

close up photo of a planning journal to illustrate giving up alcohol by making a plan.
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“Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail” is an old saying that I once saw on a poster. At the time I thought it was a dumb expression and didn’t give it much thought. After a few failures at giving up alcohol, I realized it had more truth than I could have imagined. A plan cannot guarantee success, but they are often what separates an amateur from a professional.

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Quit Drinking by Making a Commitment

a close up of arms and hands interconnecting used to represent commitment to quit alcohol.
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I won’t get too deep on this one, but I will stress its importance. This is the step that comes before anything else because sobriety isn’t something that can be forced on you. There’s a reason that rehab clinics won’t take people against their will, and it’s the same reason that drugs and alcohol make their way into prisons. It’s near impossible to quit drinking if you don’t want to.

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Stop Drinking Alcohol – Making the most of being alone

unrecognizable man sitting on rooftop edge against cloudy sundown sky, representing the loneliness of trying to stop drinking alcohol
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Even if you weren’t trying to stop drinking alcohol, 2020 has been rough one. Lockdowns were able to flatten the curve of the pandemic, but isolation has it’s own toll on mental health. Loneliness compounds the effects of alcoholism and can be a catalyst for relapse. To help stay alcohol free, we should consider the benefits of being alone before we’re forced back in to a state of isolation.

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What if I had the money back?

a person holding a coin above a ceramic piggy bank to represent the money you could save if you stop drinking.
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Back in 2019 I wrote a blog post “Stop Drinking for Fun and Profit“. It was about the ways you could use the money you saved by quitting alcohol for Sober October. Looking back on that post, my math was off but the principle remains the same. Alcohol is expensive, and it’s not just the money you spend now… it’s also the money you lose by not preparing for your future.

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Stop Drinking During a Crisis

A person in a white shirt using a laptop computer. Their body language conveys a stressful situation.

Drinking alcohol is a crutch that’s popular around the world. Dealing with the stress of modern life is usually all we need to crack open a bottle. In the current state of heightened anxiety, stress and uncertainty I’ve been seeing a lot of reference to “numbing the pain” or “drinking away the problems” as a socially acceptable way to cope with these trying times.

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