So You’ve Decided to Quit Drinking | Stop Drinking Solutions

So you want to stop drinking alcohol.

Every January 1st, people wake up at noon to enjoy the New Year’s very first hangover and swear they will give-up drinking as a New Year’s Resolution. They might make it until the weekend, they might even make it until February, but a lot of us have tried to quit and failed.  Continue reading “So You’ve Decided to Quit Drinking | Stop Drinking Solutions”

Stop Drinking and Sleep Better | Stop Drinking Solutions

If you’re 23 days in to sobriety, there’s a good chance you’re having some issues sleeping. Before I go any further I’ll say that this is normal, and it wont last forever. As someone who would regularly head to bed somewhere between decently buzzed and completely hammered, I had issues falling asleep in those first few weeks.  Continue reading “Stop Drinking and Sleep Better | Stop Drinking Solutions”

How to Quit Drinking Forever | Stop Drinking Solutions

You don’t. Sorry, but its true.

You’ve probably heard the saying Nothing Is Forever and its true. Forever is one of those words like Always, Infinity, Endless, Eternal. Its often used to talk about a REALLY LONG TIME. Its NOT impossible for a human to stop drinking alcohol forever, I mean you can quit until you’re dead, and then you’ll never drink or do anything ever again. So technically you’ve quit drinking forever, booze will never touch your lips again.

But thats not how you actually QUIT drinking. You cant just say I will never, ever, ever, drink alcohol, ever again and make it so. Well, there are probably a few folks out there that have done that, but if it were that easy then you wouldnt be reading this post now would you?  Continue reading “How to Quit Drinking Forever | Stop Drinking Solutions”

Wasted Time | Stop Drinking With Me

Excuse the upcoming puns in this post.

Is it just me, or while looking back on my drunken self does the time feel extra wasted? Wasted as in Time Better Spent Elsewhere but also, as in Time Spent Hammered. Looking back, I did a lot of both.

Occasionally I’ll think Was there ever a time I wasnt at least buzzed? Parties, work functions, Tuesday nights listening to podcasts and playing video games, all under the influence. I guess I got some things of meagre value done in those times, and I wasn’t exactly wasted on alcohol, but alcohol was definitely present for a lot of my memories of that past 10 years.  Continue reading “Wasted Time | Stop Drinking With Me”