Stop Drinking During a Crisis

A person in a white shirt using a laptop computer. Their body language conveys a stressful situation.

Drinking alcohol is a crutch that’s popular around the world. Dealing with the stress of modern life is usually all we need to crack open a bottle. In the current state of heightened anxiety, stress and uncertainty I’ve been seeing a lot of reference to “numbing the pain” or “drinking away the problems” as a socially acceptable way to cope with these trying times.

A mantra I’ve developed over the years that has helped me with stress and anxiety is simple:

No matter how bad things are, being drunk certainly won’t make things any better.

So it isn’t exactly eloquent, but it’s true. Saying something to that effect out-loud helps me remember all the times I THOUGHT I was drinking my worries away, only to have them waiting for me when I woke up. The thing is, they are still waiting for you when you wake up, and now you have to deal with your problems with a hangover.

Another great way to re-frame your situation is to think about how alert, attentive and available you will need to be as the crisis may worsen. People who have jobs that are “on-call” can’t drink in case they are called in, and some jobs won’t even let you get drink 24 hours before your shift. These are usually first-responders, but just imagine how much more difficult a bad situation would be if you’re suddenly called to help someone, or need to act fast in a pinch.

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Stop Drinking Cold Turkey


I’m not going to guess or do any research. I don’t really care where the term “Cold Turkey” comes from. If you have an idea, please leave a comment. When you quit drinking, cold turkey is the method of complete abstinence. It’s an all or nothing approach where many people will dump every drop of alcohol down the drain. Continue reading “Stop Drinking Cold Turkey”

New Year, New You – Stop Drinking Resolution


People make many more resolutions than they keep. Quitting drinking is hard, and in some cases harder than a goal like ‘lose weight’ or ‘run a marathon’. It’s harder because quitting alcohol is a choice you need to keep making. If I make a goal to lose weight and weight myself on February 1st, 5 pounds lighter than I was on January 1st, then I can say ‘DONE’ and go back to eating chips and ice cream for breakfast. If I run 42 km, regardless of how fast, I can say I ran a marathon and post a selfie on social media for all to see. Continue reading “New Year, New You – Stop Drinking Resolution”

#SoberOctober Day 31 – Quit Drinking in 31 Difficult Steps

Growing up I remember seeing a lot of commercials where a miracle product was sold at an amazing price: 3 easy payments of $19.95. It sounded so cheap, so affordable, and such an amazing value that I’d be foolish not to call the 1-800 number on the screen.

Even as a child, I knew that 3 payments of $20 was still $60, but something about the term “3 easy payments” made the price so much easier to digest. The $20 float out of your wallet each month as if it was destined to be spent. The fact that there were only 3 payments, made it seem that much easier.

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#SoberOctober Day 28 – Apps to Help You Stop Drinking for Good

In our ever connected culture we have more options than ever to help ourselves. Podcasts, online courses, blogs, eBooks, and of course apps. Apps have gone from niche distraction to everyday essentials in a very short period of time. We’re very close to the end of Sober October for this year. Are you thinking about how to stay sober through the rest of the year? If you are, it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead.

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#Sober October Day 26 – It’s Never Too Late to Quit Drinking

If you compare quitting alcohol with learning to swim, you can draw some interesting parallels. If you’re dropped in the middle of the ocean, you need to learn how to swim as soon as possible, but it’s far too late. If you’re warm and dry in your home, safely landlocked the lessons are less urgent, less essential. In some cases you could spend your entire life not getting in to a body of water big enough to swim in.

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